Advice to Reyna D’Assia #1

This collection of “commandments” were given by Gurdjieff to his daughter Reyna D’Assia. We print them here in consecutive posts in groups of roughly 20.

– Never contradict; instead, be silent.

– Do not contract debts; acquire and pay immediately.

– If you offend someone, ask his or her pardon; if you have offended a person
publicly, apologize publicly.

– When you realize you have said something that is mistaken, do not persist in
error through pride; instead, immediately retract it.

– Never defend your old ideas simply because you are the one who expressed

– Do not keep useless objects.

– Do not adorn yourself with exotic ideas.

– Justify yourself to no one, and keep your own counsel.

– Never define yourself by what you possess.

– Never speak of yourself without considering that you might change.

– Always finish what you have begun.

– Whatever you are doing, do it as well as possible.

– Do not become attached to anything that can destroy you in the course of time.

– Develop your generosity – but secretly.

– Do not have your photograph taken with famous people.

– Treat everyone as if he or she was a close relative.

– Organize what you have disorganized.

– Learn to receive and give thanks for every gift.

– Stop defining yourself.

– Do not lie or steal, for you lie to yourself and steal from yourself.

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