Advice to Reyna D’assia #2

More “commandments” given by Gurdjieff to his daughter Reyna D’Assia

– Do not speak of your personal problems.

– Do not express judgment or criticism when you are ignorant of most of the
factors involved.

– Do not establish useless friendships.

– Transform your pride into dignity.

– Transform your anger into creativity.

– Transform your greed into respect for beauty.

– Transform your envy into admiration for the values of the other.

– Transform your hate into charity.

– When you become ill, regard your illness as your teacher, not as something
to be hated.

– Look directly, and do not hide yourself.

– Do not follow fashions.

– Do not sell yourself.

– Neither praise nor insult yourself.

– Conquer your fears, for each of them represents a camouflaged desire.

– Make work plans and accomplish them.

– Share fairly.

– Do not seduce.

– Say no more than necessary.

– If you lack faith, pretend to have it.

– Wherever you live, always find a space that you devote to the sacred.

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