If we do what we like doing, we are immediately rewarded by the pleasure of doing it. If we do what we don’t like doing the reward must come later.

It is a mathematical law and all life is mathematics. ~G

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  1. Doing things for a reward and linking the deeds to rewards is to do with “depending” on others or society as a whole or own “values”. It is also to do with having “buttons” which other people can press. Pleasing others or our own “right-wrong” prejudices is seen as a reward far too often. I got little respect to rewards. If things need doing, whatever the emotional outcome for me I would just do. “Moods” and “pleasures” eventually go, the dry essence is – the material impact left from my act and objective added value. People react badly to that simplicity. They are spoiled by others pleasing them, rewarding or punishing. Reward-dependence brings the Pavlov dog picture. If I am not salivating in expectation of a familiar reward, why would I use such mechanism to stimulate others? It seems manipulative and secondary. They would “like” doing things for that emotional rewards, not because that is something they truly wanted to do.

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