In man the growth of conscience consists in the growth of the intellect and the
growth of superior emotions which accompany it (aesthetic, religious, moral); in growing they become more intellectual and, at the same time, the intellect assimilates the emotions. “Spirituality” is a fusion of intellect with superior emotions. ~G

. . .

You must see that in life, you receive exactly what you give, life is the mirror of what you are; it is in your own likeness. You are passive, blind and demanding. You take everything, you accept everything, without ever feeling any obligation. Your attitude towards the world and towards life is the attitude of one who has the right to demand and to take, who needs neither to pay nor to earn. You believe all things are due to you simply because you are you. You don’t notice this. Nevertheless, it is that in you which separates one world from another.

~ Excerpt from a talk, edited by Dr. Michel de Salzmann, and translated by Pierre Elliot, Some attribute this talk to Mme de Salzmann, others to Gurdjieff.


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