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Real “ I” Comes From Essence.

Real “ I” comes from essence. Its development depends on the wish of essence— a wish to be and then a wish to become able to be. Essence is formed from impressions that are assimilated in early childhood, usually up to the age of five or six when a fissure appears between essence and personality. In order to develop further, essence must become active in spite of resistance from the pressure of personality.
We need to “remember ourselves” for our essence to receive impressions. Only in a conscious state can we see the difference between essence and personality.
Ordinarily impressions are received in a mechanical way. They are received by our personality, which reacts with automatic thoughts and feelings that depend on its conditioning. We do not assimilate impressions because personality itself cannot be alive— it is dead. In order to be assimilated and transformed, impressions have to be received by essence. This requires a conscious effort at the moment o f the impression.
And it requires a definite feeling, a feeling of love for being, for being present. We must respond to impressions no longer from the vantage point of personality but from love for being present. This will transform our whole way of thinking and feeling. ~ J de S

Wishing To Work

Working on oneself is not so difficult as wishing to work, taking the decision. This is so because our centers have to agree among themselves, having realized that, if they are to do anything together, they have to submit to a common master. But it is difficult for them to agree because once there is…Continue Reading