On Hypnotism

There are connections between all centers. In man’s waking state, either the thinking or the emotional center is always active, while the other, as it were observes, and criticizes it so as not to allow it to commit “stupidities”. If there is no connection — which means there is none of this criticism — the man will do anything the center active at the moment happens to wish, which means he will commit many “stupidities” on sight.

The task of the hypnotist consists in breaking artificially for a time this connection and then in giving commands to one of the centers which will then carry out everything literally, since there will be no criticism on the part of the other center.

For an explanation of the connection between centers, it is useful to repeat the comparison, already given, of the human machine with a team consisting of carriage, horse, and driver. The connection between centers may be compared with the reins and the shafts.
But for an ignorant hypnotist there is another difficulty. In breaking the connection between centers he can, in ignorance, break the wrong one in which case his hypnosis will prove unsuccessful.

If, for example, in the case of a given patient, he must isolate the thinking center and he accidentally breaks precisely the connection which isolates the thinking center, his hypnosis will succeed; but if he breaks equally accidentally some other connection and isolates the emotional center, which does not understand words but understands, let us say, only images, then no matter what he may command in words, nothing will happen.

This is the simple reason why patients are often not cured and say that hypnotism does not work.
When the hypnotist breaks the connection he tells the patient to do this and that; and since criticism of the other center is absent, the patient believes him and does as he is told. Even if the other center sees that something is not as it should be, it can do nothing and can change nothing, for owing to the broken connection it can send no commands to that center. ~ G

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