We do not see our state of sleep. In this state we think of working; we think, “I wish to be present.” But the effort to be present is something very different from thinking. It is an effort in the direction of consciousness. We must come to know whether we are conscious at a given moment, and all the degrees of this consciousness. Its presence or absence can thus be proved by an inner act of observing.

I am in front of something I do not know. I am in front of a mystery, themystery of my Presence. I must recognize that I cannot know this mystery with my ordinary means of knowing. But I must understand, at least intellectually, what it would mean to be present— that is, to be present not only with my head, my sensation or my feeling, but with all these elements of my Presence together. Maybe then I still will
not be truly present, but at least I will search for a common direction.

Who is present— who is seeing? And whom? The whole problem is here.  ~ J de S

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