The Genesis of The Seeker

Do we all yearn to “know the truth”?

Perhaps there is a “seed of wonder” in every new born child that can take root and grow. If so, it is only in some that such a seed will germinate and seek the light. And if it does, they will inevitably set out in search of knowledge.

They pine for the truth and in time, it will spur them to act. They will become Seekers.

And yet, when they resolve to walk that path, there is no-one to guide them and there is no map to follow. They may be distracted from their search by the events of life: finding work, getting married, parenting, earning and providing for, fame and fortune, success and failure, trivial triumphs and sad misfortunes… Any and all of these may distract the Seeker, for a time.

But the questions still remain and so does the longing. They struggle through life to find purpose and meaning. They know there is a world beyond the mundane and they feel that they are not what they should be and what they could be. They seek answers in religion and in spiritual movements, in Yoga or Tai Chi, in self-help and psychology. They seek answers in science and in art, in books and in buildings. In galleries, and museums and theaters.

In their perennial search, they may encounter The Gurdjieff Work. And if they do, then something in them may resonate with what they read or what they hear. If it does, they will seek The Work.

It is for such people that Work Groups exist, groups who keep Gurdjieff’s teaching alive and can trace their lineage back to the man himself

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