The Inner Disposition

An inattentive mind is filled with thoughts. In a passive state it is constantly creating images and applying them to what I observe. The images provoke pleasure or pain, which is recorded in my memory, and illusions form around desires for satisfaction. In observing from a fixed vantage point, this mind creates a kind of separation, an opposition, a judge that reacts to everything with a preconception based on what has been learned.

This inner disposition is one of the greatest obstacles to receiving impressions, any impression— judging oneself, judging another, judging others, judging . . . no matter what. In truth, our entire life is colored, even directed, by this tendency, which is stronger than we are. Whenever and wherever it arises, this judging shows that our ordinary “ I” is involved. There is not a moment in the day when we stop judging, even when we are alone.

It keeps us in ferocious slavery, enslaved by what we believe we know and what we believe ourselves to be.

~ J de S

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