The Truth Is Not Concealed

The study of occultism offers much, as training for the mind, but often, unfortunately very often, people infected with the poison of mystery, and aiming at practical results, but not possessing a full knowledge of what must be done or how, do themselves irreparable harm. Harmony is violated. It is a hundred times better not to do anything than to act without knowledge.

You said that knowledge is concealed. That is not so. It is not concealed, but people are incapable of understanding it. If you begin a conversation about higher mathematical ideas with a man who did not know mathematics, what good would it be? He simply would not understand you. And here the matter is more complicated.

I personally should be very glad if I could speak now to somebody, without trying to adapt myself to his understanding, on those subjects which are of interest to me. But if I began to speak to you in this way, for instance, you would take me for a madman or worse.

People have too few words with which to express certain ideas. But there, where words do not matter, but their source and the meaning behind them, it should be possible to speak simply. In the absence of understanding it is impossible.

You had the opportunity of proving this to yourself today. I should not speak to another person in the same way that I spoke to you, because he would not understand me. You have initiated yourself already to a certain degree. And before speaking one must know and see how much the man understands. Understanding comes only with work.

So what you call ‘concealment’ is in fact the impossibility of giving, otherwise everything would be quite different. If, in spite of this, those who know begin to speak, it is useless and quite unproductive. They speak only when they know that the listener understands. ~ G

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