Purpose Of This Site

The purpose of this web site is twofold:

  1. To provide some information and background about the books in the series with the common title of: To Fathom The Gist. The intention of that series of books is to assist those who are attempting to read Gurdjieff”s writings “for the third time.”
  2. To act as a useful resource for people who are interested in finding out about The Gurdjieff Work, or for people who are already involved in The Work and are searching the Internet for resources that might be useful to them.

To Relative Neophytes… If you are interested in finding out more about The Work, even if you have perhaps “read a book or two,” then we advise you to start on the page entitled “What is the Work?” If you click on the links from there, it will lead you through our description of The Work.rnrn

To All Others… If you have experience in The Work, then we expect you to browse through the menus and click on whatever drives your interest. We have attempted to ensure that you can get to the content on this site via many routes.

To Those Specifically Interested In Gurdjieff”s Writings… This site focuses particularly on Gurdjieff”s writings. Those with a particular interest in this are advised to browse the content provided under The Gist.