What does it mean to “remember oneself”? It is not to remember the person I represent— my body, my position in life, my obligations. It is to become conscious of my inner being. I wish to be whole, unified, one, what I essentially am. When I feel this wish, it is as though my whole orientation changes.

In all the parts of myself, freely and without my doing anything, a movement takes place toward a certain Presence. For this movement to follow its course I have to obey and be wholly attuned. Its force depends entirely on the tranquillity of all my centers and on the freedom of my attention. I need to feel that this Presence forms itself in me.

In looking, I begin to see that I have to be in contact with all my centers at the same time. Sometimes in one part, sometimes in another, the flow of energy is too strong or too weak. If I am too much in my head, the movement does not take place. Too much in my feeling or too much in my body, it is the same. There must be a corresponding intensity everywhere.

What is important is a conscious attention, of a kind that I do not know. I can feel this only in quietness, in a tranquillity that is greater and greater. The Presence which is here acts on me, takes charge of me. But I must wish it, will it. This is the presence of “I.”

~ J de S