Today the forces that move us have limited power to vivify. Their waves, their vibrations, quickly diminish. These are vibrations of inertia.

The energy put in movement is little charged with will, with a “will to be,” and is incapable of transmitting this will. A call from the depths of oneself is always here. It becomes more and more insistent, as if a different energy were wanting to be heard, seeking a relation.

In a state of immobility, in stillness, the relation can be better established, but this requires opening to a different inner density, to another quality of vibration. Sensation is the perception of this new quality.

I need to feel the Presence of the spiritual in me. The spirit penetrates matter and transforms it. I need this act itself, to be spiritualized.

The creative action of the life force appears only where there is no tension, that is, only in the void. If I wish to develop my being, I must come to this point of no tension, which I feel as a void, as unknown. It is void of my ego . . . something I do not know— my essence. I perceive emptiness because the fineness of vibrations is beyond the density in myself that I usually know.
At this moment I touch on the wish to be, the will to be what I am beyond form and time. I become conscious of the void by the change in my sensation, which becomes finer as tensions are dissolved.

I begin to understand what is meant by a pure sensation, which appears when my thought is free, seeing without any image.

~ J de S