The Austin Tales Study Group

This web site has been created and is maintained by The Austin Tales Study Group. This group was formed by Robin Bloor (Author of To Fathom The Gist: Volumes 1 and 2 and other books on The Work) for the specific purpose of gathering together a group of people who wish to work on themselves and who are intent upon gaining a deeper understanding of Gurdjieff’s literature.

The group operates out of Austin, Texas. It meets weekly, throughout the year with very occasional breaks. There are both public group meetings and private group meetings.

Public Meetings

The public meetings are held on Thursday evenings at several locations in Austin. Anyone who wishes to attend can do so. If you wish to attend then visit This Meetup Page to register and find details of the next meeting

Private Meetings

Participation in private meetings is by invitation. A pre-requirement is attendance at several public meetings and a genuine interest in doing The Work.